Ann Rea's Art Installation at Four Seasons of Silicon Valley

elevation Art changes the energy of a room by making a specific emotional and aesthetic statement. People may not even be fully conscious of how art is creating a vibe in a room but it is happening. Much like how wearing one outfit can make you feel one way, put on another outfit and you experience another perception of yourself. When the Four Seasons of Silicon Valley graciously invited me to collaborate and feature my work in their stunning lobby I wanted to produce the very best opportunity for my company and the Four Seasons. So I developed a creative strategy for that specific space. I got to know the professional staff, I visited and filmed the lobby space, studied their unique warm contemporary aesthetic, and I examined the original floor plans and elevations of the thoughtful and beautiful architecture of the Four Seasons of Silicon Valley property. I’m always interested in challenging myself creatively. Therefore, I am intentionally departing from my typical color saturated palette that is expected and I am creating three minimal monochromatic paintings. This triptych will be painted on wood panel versus stretched canvas. Each custom sized wood panel is made from FSC certified sustainable forest products made with conservator wood materials and sealing processes. I deliberately approach oil painting so that I have the least environmental impact. I do not use any toxic mixing mediums, turpentine or varnishes, just pure pigment and linseed oil. It’s a much more expensive approach to oil painting but it is the cleanest. This custom art installation is inspired by three vineyard images from Howell Mountain, Napa Valley, and Sonoma designed to celebrate each American Viticulture Area (AVA) and to highlight the Art & Wine Pairing program that available at the Four Seasons. The installation is currently scheduled for the end of June. Isn't it time to celebrate with an intimate group of friends or your very best clients? Make memorable connections through inspiring conversations. Learn about art and wine in a relaxed and fresh way.  Book an Art & Wine Pairing available at the Four Seasons of Silicon Valley.
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