What do Real Estate Agents and a Fine Artist have in Common?

AnnRea What could a fine artist possibly have to say to a big group of successful residential real estate agents about innovating marketing strategies? In fact, I had a lot to say. Real estate agents and I are actually in the same industry. They sell real estate and I paint it and I celebrate the memories and meaning associated with it through my “Experience of Art” program. My “Experience of Art” program delivered a memorable, multi-layered story of the stunning snowy landscape surrounding the Montage Deer Valley Residences, in Deer Valley, Utah, a key asset of Ohana Real Estate Investment Trust. How? Allow me break it down.
  • A filmmaker captured my tour of the surrounding Deer Valley mountain landscape as this provided in-room viewing programming.
  • I returned to explore the colors of the vista by painting a series of studies. Week-by-week I revealed my creative process by way of a dedicated online diary at annrea.com.
  • One study from the series was reinterpreted on a larger custom-sized canvas and this trophy piece serves as the focal point for the model residence.
  • A beautifully appointed, signed and hardbound coffee table book, the Creative Diary, conveys a unique sense of place by chronicling the Experience of Art. Each of the oil painting studies, creative diary posts, and sketches are included.
  • The surrounding Deer Valley mountain landscape can be experienced through an artist’s eyes. Creative Diary in hand, readers are guided to retrace my steps to each place where I painted a study.
  • Creative Diaries provide sales staff with conversational currency and an innovative marketing tool to engage clients and prospects.
  • The unveiling celebration of the paintings by a nationally recognized artist gave a narrative focus for national press launches in Manhattan and Beverly Hills.
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