The Business of Art is Very Personal

GordanAnn   Just last week I was interviewed by a reporter writing for travel magazine. She’s writing a feature on my new art installation at the Four Seasons Silicon Valley which includes four custom 4 foot original monochrome oil paintings on wood panels. Interviews always force me to reflect upon my artistic journey in business and personally. Who ever said, “It’s just business, don’t take it personally?” My business is very personal. What I create is meant to inspire others and it comes from my deepest dedication and heart felt core. I can’t sell anything that I’m not proud of, so many of my paintings are destroyed. I often develop genuine personal connections with my patrons and lasting friendships. My patron’s support is vital to my success. I never take this for granted, as I realize that none of us succeed alone. My business is personal, very personal. It was friends and work mates who sponsored my trip to the south of France to study with my mentor Gregory Kondos when I first entertained making my living with my art. They pre-ordered paintings so that I could take this trip after the music distribution company we worked for closed its doors. I create an Experience of Art, not so much because my patron’s want a painting to fill a space, as much as they want meaningful and memorable ways to celebrate milestones in their lives. Milestones like a big birthday, anniversary, or other significant events. Clearly I have abandoned the safely and security that most often comes with a more conventional life. Why? Because I’m moved to make art. And that this is a very personal path requiring every ounce of my discipline and dedication. My business is personal, very personal.
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