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ArtistsWhoTHRIVE Confucius said, “Man who chases two rabbits catches none.” This wisdom has been ringing in my head since Christmas, when I began creating a guided 8-week online business course for artists called, “Making Art/Making Money.” This ambitious project is one fast rabbit. The other rabbit is my fine art enterprise. Obviously, my painting is near and dear to my heart. Trying to balance both races has been a tiring battle. Since I don’t have four legs to run in two directions, I’m putting my fine art enterprise on a partial hold until “Making Art/Making Money” is launched and my new book “101 Rules of Selling Art” is released. After serious soul searching and distance from my painting I’ve realized that my painting has not been reflecting my interests and higher values around mindfulness and consciousness. So when I return to my art full time I will be embarking on yet a new project and body of work that will be the focus of a clinical study designed by a leading authority in the field of neuro-feedback, Dr. Thomas Browne. Dr. Browne has designed a clinical study that will measure the neuro and physiological responses of subjects to my contemplative contemporary still life paintings. When I moved to San Francisco in 2006 I knew that I have to be prolific in order to thrive. So I began neuro-feedback with Dr. Browne to obtain optimal states of performance. It rid me of all creative blocks. Neuro-feedback is an area of brain science that is essentially medically aided meditation that places me into a lasting state of focused calm, but it’s not meditation. So it’s no accident, that collectors remark consistently that my paintings make them feel happy and calm. I’m inspired to investigate these emotional responses triggered by a heightened state of consciousness reflected in my paintings. My intention is to build a bridge between art and science. When the study is complete, Dr. Browne and I will be conducting “Art & Science Salons.” If you are interested in volunteering to be a subject for the “Art & Science” study, please reply today.
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