Art & Wine Pairing Program at Bardessono Hotel

Art & Wine Pairiing Program at Bardessono
I am trilled to announce my latest strategic partnership with Bardessono, a boutique hotel in Yountville, California. If you have not stayed there, make a reservation. It is green, luxurious, and such a peaceful sanctuary. Bardessono’s aesthetic and values line up beautifully with my business enterprise. They are a significant national model of green building and operating practices. I think Bardessono is the most stunning property in Napa Valley and it is a LEED Platinum Certified.  I would love for my home to reflect Bardessono’s aesthetics and art collection. I will be teaming up with Brett Fallows, Bardessono’s Sommelier, to deliver my Art & Wine Pairing program to their group guests. The Art & Wine Pairing Program is perfect for:
  • client retention strategy, thanking existing top clients
  • partner "edutainment" program
  • meeting break out session
  • team building strategy
  • before dinner activity
  • reception activity
  • celebration activity
Like Bardessono I am conscious of the environmental impact of my business. I started using the greenest approach to oil painting possible several years ago. So this is not a post attempting to “green wash” my paintings. My oil painting technique is a very pricy approach but I think that my collectors deserve it. I do not use Turpentine, varnish, or any other nasty mixing mediums, just pure pigment and linseed oil.  With pure oils my color can be more saturated. I did this for health reasons. Long exposure to traditionally oil painting medium is toxic and requires excellent ventilation. I did not have this in art school so I walked around with a rash on my neck and I couldn’t stand oil painting.  Who knew then that would all change? So now I paint with vinyl gloves so that the paint does not make contact with my skin.  Much of the toxicity from oil painting comes from cleaning brushes.  I buy cheep brushes and toss them, I use a palette knife, and gloves protect my skin. I’d rather spend my time sketching an painting than cleaning brushes. Let's be real, there's still an environmental impact but I try to lesson it as much as possible.
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