How does one celebrate a 30-year wedding anniversary?

mary How does one celebrate a 30-year wedding anniversary in a really meaningful and memorable way? Mary Beth Collier decided to create a memory in Napa Valley and preserve it with an “Experience of Art.” We met by phone just a few weeks ago. Apparently, Mary did some kind of magical Google search that led to our connection. Magical because it’s nearly impossible to optimize an online search for something that very few actually knows to search for, an “Experience of Art.” Since most of my business comes by way of referral, I was delighted to hear from Mary. Mary told me of her travel plans to Napa. We talked about her desire for a small-scale painting to remind her and her husband of their 30th year wedding celebration and her hope to dine at the French Laundry. I recommended that they stay with my friends at the beautiful Bardessono Resort in Yountville. They loved it. And let’s just say maybe a few strings were pulled and she and her husband did dine at the French Laundry. I met the Collier’s at Truchard Vineyards where Jo Ann Truchard gave us a personal tour of the vineyards and the wine cave while relaying their family’s history with their award winning wines. As we toured the vineyard, Jo Ann discovered two fresh ripe figs and Mary savored her first fresh fig right off the tree. As I was leaving, Jo Ann Truchard graciously offered me a gift bottle of their Pinot and I hugged Mary Beth away. It was a brief but meaningful meeting. Because when I congratulated Mr. Collier on 30 years of happy marriage he said, “It feels like we where just married yesterday.” True love can and does happen and it’s my sincere honor to help celebrate it. It gives me hope.
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