I Believe in You

[caption id="attachment_751" align="alignnone" width="550" caption="San Francisco based Artist & CEO"]San Francisco based Artist & CEO[/caption] When I was starting out painting for a living I needed to hear, “I believe in you”  from the people who were important to me.  I borrowed their faith.  And as I achieved success I was able to believe in myself even more.  I needed to hear “I believe in you” to counteract the intermittent doubtful commentary coming from between my own two ears and from others who essentially said that I was nuts to quit my job, with health insurance, and move to San Francisco to paint for a living.  “You do have savings?”  “Well, you can always go back to project management consulting?”  I'd think, “I'd rather swallow a chair.  I’ll tend bar or start my own house cleaning business if I have to.” I still need to know from certain people that they believe in me.  Who doesn’t benefit from knowing that others believe in them? But of course it’s true that one’s belief, one’s confidence, is ultimately what shapes their daily reality.  So I’m conscious of my inner dialogue and there are days that I must stand guard at the gates of my mind by redirecting my thoughts. The very best way to redirect my thoughts is to be present.  And painting is the most effective antidote to my drifting or chaotic thoughts.  Why?  Because the paint doesn’t lie.  It offers instant feedback on my level of relaxed focus. As I develop my current series of Benovia’s vineyards I’m also mindful that my painting will have an effect on the energy of the room that my collector’s place it in.  And I want that energy that my collectors feel, even unconsciously, to be positive and inspired.
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