Music Inspires Painting

studies As I work over painting studies of Benovia’s vineyards in my beach studio, I’m noticing the feeling of the music playing blend right into my paint strokes. The music is literally changing the curve of my brush strokes and the speed at which I lay down the paint. I’ve created a soulful vocal selection on a custom Pandora radio station.  This clear sound is beautifully floating upstairs from my Bose speaker system docked to my iPhone.  Gotta love technology.  And the man who got it for my birthday this month. The music somehow creates less distraction in my head and gets me into a creative groove.  You know.  When you’re really feeling the music and you relax.  It’s during that relaxed state of being when I always do my best work. Most of the musicians are singing about love and relationships.  And unbeknownst to them they’re helping me sing about color and form. The music is helping me take what on the surface is an image of a vineyard to something infused with feeling.  Human feeling.  That’s what connects us.  That’s what gives the paint a life of its own.  The pure energy of feeling. Picasso Picasso once said, "I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them." I would say, “I paint objects as I feel them, not as I see them.”
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