Eight oil Studies Complete - Just a Dozen More to Go!

[caption id="attachment_751" align="alignnone" width="550" caption="San Francisco based Artist & CEO"]San Francisco based Artist & CEO[/caption] Does that sound like an artist’s creative process?  Well, it’s part of mine.  Like so many things in life, painting is a numbers game.  And the more studies I paint, the better my odds of creating one that I love and one that my collectors will love.   I'm working towards a painting that will hold my interest and attention so that I’ll want to explore it further and reinterpret it on a larger scale. My experience has taught me that the less attached I am to a painting, the freer I can be, and the better the outcome. That tension, or lack of tension, all shows up in my paint.  My art reflects my state of being.  As an artist, my work forces me to face a deep inner awareness that can be a joy or a complete frustration.  The only remedy is to keep working through it and sometimes walk away for a while so that I can return with some perspective and insight. The other reason I take this “give me twenty” approach is because it’s my strategy to avoid perfectionism.  This is a malady that absolutely kills creativity and one that can only/just make me miserable.  Nothing is perfect.  Nothing I’ve ever painted anyway. People always want to know, “What do you with the paintings that don’t make it?”  I edit them, I destroy them.  Just like you crumble up the piece of paper that you jotted down your first bad draft.  Doesn’t it feel good?  Destruction is part of creation.   I wish I had a shredder I could put some of these paintings through.  Maybe one of those tree shredders?
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