Taking Flight in Sonoma

This past weekend I participated in an event entitled “Taking Flight in Sonoma” sponsored by the Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco, Flexjet with Bombardier Learjet and Challenger private jets, the Ritz-Carlton Destination Club, and J Winery. The weather could not have been more perfect.  The sun was out and fully illuminating my original oil paintings.  And as a result I’ve scheduled several private studio appointments with individual collectors. I also began a nice conversation with the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Flexjet and I mentioned that my paintings are often offered as very special gifts.  These become a heart felt and everlasting gift because it not just a painting that’s being given, it’s really a unique and personal once in a lifetime experience. Imagine choosing your favorite wine and walking along the vines with the acclaimed winemaker and artist. Then the artist returns to the vineyard to capture the colors of the vines in oil exclusively for you. And this custom creation is scaled to your space.  And then you experience the creation of your painting, through the artist’s eyes, via a dedicated creative diary on annrea.com. Collectors often celebrate the completion of their painting with their own “unveiling party” and an opportunity to host the artist, that’s me ;). And a few lucky collectors get to look forward to the possibility of seeing their painting featured in my upcoming book series “Colors of Terroir” to be published soon and available on annrea.com. We started chatting about FlexJet’s clientle.  Because so many of FlexJet’s select clientle are wine enthusiasts, this everlasting art and wine experience could not be a more perfect, personal, and unique gift to thank them for their business.  I'm looking forward to the possibility of collaborating with Flexjet.
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