Thinking Bigger

orionfull_jcc_bigYou are what you think about”. I’m not sure who to credit this statement of truth but I remind myself of it often.  In order to imagine painting for a living I had to think big, much bigger than I had been thinking throughout my life while I was working away in a cubicle.  And as I continued to look at the stars, think big, and succeed at making these big thoughts into my reality I noticed that the people in my life fell into two camps.  There where those who thought that I was unrealistic or who plainly ignored me when I shared my victories, literally changing the subject, most often to themselves.  Then there where those who cheered my on, and who at times, would hold even more of a belief in my big ideas than I did. Over the past five years I’ve watched a whole group of small thinkers fade out of my life and a whole group of big thinkers step in.  In fact, they are still showing up.  Bob Proctor who is a personal development guru, and has worked with the likes of Ellen DeGeneres. David Mathison who is a thought leader in the renaissance of new media. Jonathan Fields, author of Career Renegade, to name a few. And lesser known names, but no less important, who are definitely big thinkers and who are leading change, imagining new frontiers, and who I appreciate knowing. I’m quite sure that it’s thinking bigger that has allowed my path to cross with big thinkers.  I can remember Bob Proctor saying, "I really don't like small talk, I like big talk." Although on one level its sad to see some people fade out my life, I recognize that rarely does anyone stay in your life forever, that nothing is permanent, and it’s often for the best because it makes room for people who are positive influences.
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