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[caption id="attachment_618" align="alignleft" width="586" caption=""Pacific Ocean January" Ann Rea ©, oil on canvas, 23"x 30""]"Pacific Ocean January" Ann Rea ©, oil on canvas, 23"x 30"[/caption] My art studio faces the Pacific Ocean, a complete unobstructed view of the deep blue sea.  I can hear the sound of the waves crashing on the beach throughout the day and I think that’s why I rarely play the radio or music, except when I’m painting.  And when the water is calm I can actually see a pod of dolphin jumping in the water. Yes.  I’m blessed. Living by the ocean has always been a dream of mine.  Growing up in Parma, Ohio left me feeling landlocked and I always longed to be by the water. Parma is also home of Drew Carey (family friends, his mother Bula made sure I was baptized a Presperterian). The “deep blue sea” is not actually always true.  What color is the water?  Sounds like a question an inquisitive kid would ask. From a fine art painter’s perspective, it’s an excellent question. Water reflects the colors of the surrounding environment.  The parallel sky is mostly what water is reflecting so the color of water is a reflection of the sky.  Distance changes a reflection and so does humidity: more water, more reflecting. I keep my blinds open so that I can see the constant change of colored sky and water.  The sunset presents a different painting each night.  I never tire of it. I always appreciate it.  The silver color of the water in the morning is amazing.  It’s like a color spectrum that can’t decide yet what color it wants be.  As it heads towards noon the colors are more defined, certain.  But the colors are shifting and have evaporated completely to another palette within an hour. It’s a giant atmospheric mood ring outside my window. I love it.
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