No Mommy, No!

fingerpaint I’m horrified to learn of the newest “toy” from Little Tikes. It’s a baby’s first cubicle. No joke.  This “toy” is offered as a “solution for childcare centers everywhere” and dubbed the Young Explorer Learning Computer! There will be plenty of years to chain people to a cubicle, please just let the kids play! Let them actually do some “exploring.”  What happened to running around outside, finger painting, and coloring?  I still like to color.  I’ll color with any kid for hours.  Adults? Well, I charge them. I only hope that my design professors from the Cleveland Institute of Art, Nottingham Spirk, had nothing to do with this.  Their award wining product design has been largely responsible for the success of this toy company. Running outside, collecting rocks, climbing trees, growing a Girl Scout garden, these are my fond childhood memories of exploring my surrounding natural and physical environment. People need to express themselves, some to a higher degree than others.  Working in a cubicle for years free from any self-expression almost crushed my soul.  Please don’t do this to your innocent and creative “Little Tike”.  Babies don’t need ergonomic solutions to enhance their productivity.  They need to play.  And so do we!
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