Artist Ann Rea on Painting Outside the Lines in Art and Life

Artist Ann Rea on Painting Outside the Lines in Art and Life I'm featured on this week's episode of the Good Life Project. Dear Good Lifer! So excited to be sharing the first in a series of episodes filmed around the famed Bay Area in northern California. San Francisco painter, Ann Rea, was deep in a hole. Depressed, anxious, working in a career that was leaving her empty and heavily medicated, she turned to painting as therapy. And everything changed. What started as a return to sanity grew into a salvation and a calling. But to turn it into a living, Ann came face-to-face with the "gallery system." Something in her gut told her it was not for her. Too little control and power. So, she decided to do what everyone else said was un-doable. She went around the system and created her own path to become a successful painter, entrepreneur and now mentor to other artists trying to do the same. In this week's episode of Good Life Project, we dive deep into her journey. Click here to watch it now>>> If you've got any artist friends who are trying to figure out how to make a living, be sure to share Ann's inspired story with them. With gratitude, Jonathan
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