Why not live a good life?

AWT I had the good fortune to be interviewed again by Jonathan Fields for his Good Life Project this Sunday. The Good Life Project is an impactful web TV show with a meaningful and authentic series of interviews with individuals who are deliberately creating a good life for themselves and others. Jonathan Fields is a speaker and author of Uncertainty, Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance, and Career Renegade, How to make a Great Living doing what you Love, published by Random House. Before my interview I was sitting with my friend John sipping chai at Somovar in San Francisco. “I really appreciate the opportunity to work with Jonathan again, (I was featured in Career Renegade) and I feel honored to be in the company of everyone interviewed for the Good Life Project." I shared. “What’s Jonathan’s criteria for Good Life Project profiles?” John asked. “I’m not sure, I’ll shoot him an email now.” “I’m sitting here at Somovar with my friend John discussing you Good Life Project and we were pondering what specific criteria you use to determine if someone is living a good life.” Jonathan bounced a reply right back and he basically said that he is exploring what makes a “good life” by asking others along the way. He had no specific criteria. That’s why it's a project. What makes a good life? What a fascinating subject to pursue! After my Good Life Project interview with Jonathan I sat down to dinner with him and some of the other inspiring thought leaders he interviewed. I was impressed by the company and appreciated the opportunity to have a seat at the table with them. As we conversed I began reflecting upon what each of us at the table had in common. What I noticed was that each person arrived at a life crisis but then they turned it around. How?  They simply asked “why?”  “Why” am I living this way?  And “why not” live another way. What I know has made a good life for me is that I am following my passions and I feel that I am contributing by creating value for other people’s lives. I appreciate my life so very much even more today because it was not always good.  Once ridden with anxiety, depressed, and directionless I too journey from a complete place of crisis to my current very good life as a successful artist. If I had to point to one simple formula that kick started positive change in my life it was simply examining my assumptions, expectations, the rules, and routines I was living. Then asking “why”, shortly followed by “why not.”  Why not make it better, why not live a good life?  That is when the journey began.
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