The Problem with Being a Painter

[caption id="attachment_751" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="San Francisco based Artist & CEO"]San Francisco based Artist & CEO[/caption] The problem with being a painter, for me anyway, is that like a writer, it’s too often a solitary existence. And I am a social being. I actually like to be around people.  Well, some people. I don’t fit the stereotype of the sulking or reclusive creative. God help me I never want to. Thankfully my creative process only requires two to three hours in front of an easel during a single stint.  After that.  I’m done and I need to move on.  So I paint quickly and deliberately in a focused effort that can keep pace with my attention span. My experience of isolation hit home recently when a women at a holiday party remarked about the feelings she sensed in my paintings when she was reading through my new book, An Artist’s Diary of Deer Valley, Utah. She remarked that there was a sense of inner peace but also a feeling of isolation.  Talk about someone reading you like a book!  Ugh!  It’s true. Most of the time I really enjoy my solitary creative focus, but too much time alone is not just not good. And I now fully realize that after five years I’ve just had way too much time alone.  Like any mammal we humans need contact with other humans.  We all long for, I long for, and need connection. So I’ve resolved to create more social contact in 2012. And one thing that I’ll also be doing is more deliberately marketing my Art & Wine Pairings concept.  This is an intimate social and educational gathering of high net worth folks to learn about, and to experience, art and wine.  And its a fresh excuse to gather people around. This marketing strategy doesn’t just exist to reach my company’s revenue objectives, it exists because I need to get out and about and connect with people in a real and intimate way. And is it really art if it isn't shared?
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