Dreamy Aspens unveiled to Press at Montage Beverly Hills

From left to right, notable Interior Designer Philip Gorrivan, Ann Rea, Susan Feldman Co-Founder of One Kings Lane, and Alan Fuerstman CEO and Founder of Montage, posing for the press last month where “Dreamy Aspens” was unveiled at the Montage Beverly Hills.
When Philip Gorrivan introduced me he noted that “Dreamy Aspens” has been making the rounds from the mountains to coast to coast. “Dreamy Aspens” was painted at my Pacific Beach studio in San Francisco, then it was photographed, framed and crated and shipped to its new home at the Montage Deer Valley, then in October it was shipped to Manhattan where I unveiled it to the East Coast press, then unveiled to the West Coast press in Beverly Hills last month. Phillip quipped, "Next is going to my place in New York City." I was so relieved that Phillip loved it.  Because “Dreamy Aspens” is the focal point of the beautiful model Montage Deer Valley residence that he designed. It was the Montage that chose the study used as the basis for "Dreamy Aspens".  Phillip had no input or preview of what it would look like. Thankfully it all worked out and his design and color palette work hand in hand. This project itself has been dreamy.  It’s a convergence of the best of design, architecture, luxury real estate development, and marketing. Susan Feldmen co-founded One King’s Lane with Alison Pincus. One King’s Lane will be featuring a “Get the Look Sale” in January where you can get the furniture and accessories that are part of Phillip Gorravin’s design. And you can collect the reproductions of three pieces from my Deer Valley series: "Aspens Parting" "Descending Snow" and of course "Dreamy Aspens" The entire series is featured in my book, An Artist's Diary of Deer Valley, Utah.
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