Thankful for To Kalon

Yatch A few weeks back, while editing the storybook of my To Kalon Vineyard painting series, I received an email from my patron Cheryl Compham. She was sweet enough to send me a photo of “Tearing Vines.”  It was resting in its place on her and Dave’s yacht, aptly named “To Kalon.”  I was thankful to see it well-lit in a beautiful spot in the wine alcove. Beside “Tearing Vines” I could see the back of their other framed oil painting studyAlluvial Essence” and the note cards that I gave to each guest who attended the 2011 To Kalon Gala, sitting on the table. The To Kalon Gala presented a very special evening.  Along with the other black tie guests, Robert Mondavi’s staff made me feel a very welcome guest. So much work and planning goes into these lavish and lovely affairs yet you would never even know it. Behind the scenes there are countless meetings, emails, and spreadsheets tracking each timed move, every step, and each resource.  It works well. Everything goes off without a hitch. Robert Mondavi provided each To Kalon Gala guest with an Exclusive Edition print of his or her choice from my To Kalon vineyard painting series. As we prepared these gifts at my Pacific Beach studio I thought of Robert Mondavi’s staff and I wondered how much they are thanked and how I could thank them. So I asked each of Robert Mondavi’s host staff to select their favorite piece from my To Kalon Vineyard painting series and I sent them each an Exclusive Edition print as a token of my appreciation. We can’t be thankful enough for our health, our relationships, or the privilege to celebrate in such lovely and grand fashion as we did the evening of the 2011 To Kalon Gala.
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