The To Kalon Vineyard Painting Series is Complete

[caption id="attachment_1501" align="alignnone" width="400" caption=""Tearing Vines" © Ann Rea, oil on canvas"]"Tearing Vines" © Ann Rea, oil on canvas[/caption] The To Kalon Vineyard series of studies is now complete.   At this point in Dave and Cheryl Copham's Experience of Art they get to select one study that I will be interpreting on a larger custom sized canvas.  This oil painting will soon be hanging in their beautiful yacht, also aptly named “To Kalon.” I’ve completed a dozen studies in oil of Robert Mondavi Winery's famed To Kalon Vineyard in Yountville, CA.  I actually completed over twenty studies, but just like writing or designing, the creative process demands editing to maintain quality and integrity of an Experience of Art. When I mention the "editing process" my friends threaten to go dumpster diving.  I warn them not to bother as they are, in fact, destroyed. Right now my art patrons Dave and Cheryl Copham are traveling on their motorcycles through upstate New York and making their way through New England. Dave and Cheryl received the announcement yesterday but they could only view the studies on Cheryl’s phone. So this Thursday they arrive in New Paltz and will view the To Kalon Vineyard series on a full monitor. The number of choices on the “menu” can overwhelm many of my patrons, so I always offer my recommendations.  I examine each painting study to determine which images will work best as a larger more refined interpretation. I also tune into my creative thermostat.  The pieces warming the most creative energy will fuel my creative curiosity.  Of the dozen in the series, these are the studies that I believe will be the most successful as a larger interpretation on a custom 30” x 40” canvas. 1.   “Tearing Vines” "The legs of these vines seemed to gnash and tear in the wind." 2.   “Mayacamas Beyond” "Dusk brings out a deeper stain of color that I'm forever drawn to." 3.   “Fading” "Color fades out of the vines as the sun sets behind the mountains." Now I wait, like a waiter with a tray, to see what Dave and Cheryl Copham will choose.
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