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blog I realized this past week that my creating comes from love, it is really grounded in an urge to express passion and to give. This past week there was a freak rainstorm in St. Helena. It came at a very timely moment while I was at a personal retreat at Hoffman Institute in White Sulfur Hot Springs in St. Helena. I knew that this unseasonable rain would have an effect on the Johndrow’s Vineyard, part of Cimarossa Vineyards, the series I’m working on currently. And I was right. The proprietor of Cimarossa Vineyards, Dr. Dino Dina, emailed me yesterday “The vineyards look totally lush right now, a sort of green jungle! Hope to see your work at some point.” Ciao, Dino It was close to 100 degrees yesterday.  I didn’t care. I had to see it. I wanted to explore this creatively for the Johndrows.  I arrived just in time for the golden hour, my favorite time of day, when the sun is starting to hide behind the mountain and extinguish the light of day. When I’m engaged creatively I don’t care how hot it is, how long it takes, or how much work it is, it’s just like love.  When there’s passion there is no obstacle, there’s no length to what you will do. Possibility and energy is endless. This is one of the many truths that I was reminded of at the Hoffman Institute this past week.  This process transformed my consciousness so the experience is sure to have an enormously positive and lasting effect on my work. When I look at my paintings it’s a bit like looking in the mirror.  I can see my moods.  When I’m uptight, clutching, thinking and not feeling, it shows up in my paint. When I’m relaxed and letting it flow, feeling, the paint mirrors this back to me. I pay close attention to this because I know that my mood will resonate with the viewer.  Art is emotive not literal, so I aim to create from an expression of love and light.
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