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Russell_Simmons Since I did not go to business school, and I have a long commute over the Golden Gate Bridge to Wine Country, I keep a number of business books on my iPhone.  This is often referred to as DTU (Drive Time University.) One of my favorite audio books is by Russell Simons, one of the very wealthiest and most successful pioneering hip-hop media and fashion moguls. I also happen to like him because, like me, he’s down with practicing yoga, meditation, anti-censorship, and he does not reserve his political or social opinions. Simons’ book is called “Do You, Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success.”  It's no surprise that Oprah gave him the first part of the title. “Do you”, delivers the value proposition.  He mixes his personal philosophy and world view and breaks down how he's applied this to building his empire of successful brands and cultivating artist's careers. In the world of art, what counts is unique expression.  So if an artist tries to be anything but their authentic self, they will fall short and be subject to constant comparison or remain simply irrelevant. By “Doing You” an artist sets themselves apart, offering their market unique value.  A student in one of my Artists Who THRIVE seminars reluctantly asked, “Is there really enough opportunity for very many “Blue Ocean Strategies.”  My answer is a resounding. YES! Does that mean that every artist with a unique and compelling expression has a market?  Not necessarily.  The artist must know, articulate, and deliver value to a target market.  The value is expression that touches, inspires, and moves that market. It’s only when an artist remains true to themselves, their unique essence, their vision, that they stand the very best chance of connecting with and inspiring others. And that, my friends, is the name of the game in the world of art.  And I believe it's also the name of the game in the world of business. My advice is “know thyself” and take Mr. Simons’ advise. “Do you.”
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