I Have Everything I Want

[caption id="attachment_1143" align="alignnone" width="500" caption=""Swept Vines Revisited" Ann Rea ©, oil on canvas, 30"x40" "]SweptVines[/caption] Many of my patrons like to celebrate their “Experience of Art” with an unveiling party.  This is where they host their guests in a venue where I display all of the painting studies and resulting large-scale custom painting. The painting sits on my easel cloaked under black velvet until the reveal. My patrons eagerly anticipate their first viewing while I’m hoping that they’ll love it. Last night in the cellar room at The Villagio Resort and Spa was a wonderful celebration of Mark’s 50th birthday.  His lovely wife Nancy commissioned the painting to mark the celebration and to enliven their Bodega Bay beach home.  And what I did not know was that the painting was also commissioned in part to commemorate the memory of Mark’s mother. It’s an honor to be a part of these precious memories and gifts. Conscious of this special gift, I thought of Mark.  And I felt that this painting needed to be bold, and confident like him. Last night Mark’s friends and family gathered, openly and sincerely expressing their love and appreciation for him.  His reply at the end of the evening was, “I have everything I want.”  How many can stay that with sincerity?  It was heart warming and real. I said to Mark, "It's so wonderful to hear you say “I have everything I want.” Mark asked me, " Do you have everything you want?"  As an artist, last night, I certainly did.  Because when Nancy introduced me she said that I had helped her and Mark "Enjoy a deeper appreciation for life through art."  Ultimately that's what I want to accomplish through my art,  to help people have a deeper appreciation for life, to savor the colors of the moment.
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