Humming a Few Notes

Golden Gate Bridge Sketch An art series starts with just a few lines.  I have to imagine that its like a musical series that starts with the musician just humming a few notes.  That humming then becomes a riff, one that’s interesting enough to keep investigating, developing. I’m going to take you through this series of the Golden Gate Bridge under the full moon.  It will reflect my particular creative process. The first series of colored pastels were created five years ago when I first moved to San Francisco. I sketched the series on black sand paper.  It was a cost effective alternative to pricey pastel paper and I could vary the texture easily by choosing different sand paper grits. The only problem was that I do a lot of color smudging with my finger and I think I was starting to sand off my fingerprint on my right index finger.  Ouch. Above you’ll find the first few lines of a series of 36 views of the Golden Gate Bridge from various perspectives around my adopted city. I do love this San Francisco and this is my way to celebrate it.  And I’m offering the viewer a way to investigate it with me.  I’ll be providing a map with this series.  It will plot each view so that you can retrace my steps and see the Golden Gate Bridge through my eyes. I’ve been itching to get back into the studio to create a series that is not actually part of a private commission. My art business is commissioned based and I love creating for my patrons.  But every now and then I have to create just for me and respond to only on my creative whims.
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