Is it time to open the first Ann Rea Gallery?

RoadIs it time to open the first Ann Rea Gallery?  Going down this new road is what I’m pondering as of late.  On Tuesday, I met, for the very first time, an artist with the same entrepreneurial drive as me: Gorden Huether. I visited his $3M dollar Napa studio and I was inspired creatively and entrepreneurially. Although I love Gorden Huether's work, artistically we are nothing alike. But in matters of vision, how we each want to live our creative and entrepreneurial lives- we had a lot to talk about. I’ve been toying with the idea of opening a gallery for a while. And now retail space is much more accessible and there is room for negotiation.  I was contemplating the pop up store option.  That’s where you temporarily take over vacant retail spaces and create a temporary retail installation and buzz.  And then you move to the next local. But is that what I want? Schlepping from event to event is tiring and it doesn’t allow me to cast the best light on my work, no pun intended.  The up side is that I’m a featured guest at events and it doesn’t cost anything. But it’s temporary.  And I can’t be “open” for very long. I’m very fortunate to have a collector, and friend, who just happens to be a very experienced retail real estate consultant who is willing to help me chart a course towards my decision.  I have to say, my collectors are wonderful people who often become good friends. So as my mother would often say, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”  It may be time to take the show “off” the road and time to establish a permanent presence it Wine Country. You know I’ll keep you posted!
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