Crossing Paths at the San Francisco Luxury Marketing Council

Alf Nucifora, Chairman of the San Francisco Luxury Marketing Council recently interviewed and profiled me and my company.   It’s transcribed here. Many people are confused about my business model; they expect that a gallery should represent me.  However, Ann Rea, Inc. is the legal entity that represents the artist Ann Rea. Creative property is a most valuable asset in our current conceptual economy.  So I deliberately followed the lead of many musicians who have ditched their major record label contracts to maintain ownership of their copyright and to keep creative control and to earn more current and future revenue. I joined artists who leverage the Internet to reach their market and to build their platforms.  I also joined the Luxury Marketing Council to hone my marketing skills and to meet like-minded people. The San Francisco Luxury Marketing Council has provided an opportunity to enjoy crossing paths and to become friends with a number of people with unique talents and interests. Alf Nucifora is a Harvard educated, Australian.  He used to be an advertising executive and he’s a natural connector.  Nancy Zerrela is a former designer from New York who is launching a new online media resource that explores the creative process from the point of view of a number of innovators.  Simon Stokes is a sales consultant who has helped me create sales strategies based on my current marketing strategies.  Simon used to sell Lear and Challenger jets to CEOs and celebrities so he understands the luxury-market. I look forward to my San Francisco Luxury Marketing meetings because I’m always sure to learn something new or to cross paths with someone I’ve never met.
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