An Everlasting Experience of Art

[caption id="attachment_729" align="alignleft" width="496" caption="Artist Ann Rea"]AnnReaSquared[/caption] I created “An Everlasting Experience of Art” because I want my  collectors  to have an experience. I want to offer them  an understanding of the process and motivation behind the art work that they have commissioned. I want to give them meaning and a memory. I know that collectors want to meet the artist. And that they really appreciate feeling a connection to the art that’s on their wall, way beyond their painting just being a graphic piece that they’re attracted to and that completes their decor.  My patrons tell me that just by looking at their painting, they can revisit their memories, and they are transported back to treasured moments. So I’m not just creating custom original oil paintings for my art patrons who commission me; I’m crafting a truly unique and personal, once in a lifetime experience. This is an experience where art patrons walks the vineyard with me and with the winemaker. We walk through the vineyard that I’m going to paint, and they have that experience of meeting me and the winemaker, and really gaining a personal connection with the landscape. Then I return to the vineyard and I set up my easel, and I create the series in and of the vineyard. Depending on the size of the finished commissioned painting, this may take a few days or several weeks.  This experience is certainly not limited to vineyards, and can be any natural landscape.  I’ve created works inspired by private ranches and gardens. What’s very unique is that I actually maintain a dedicated online diary, so that my patrons can watch the evolution of their series remotely online. Patrons see the images unfold from their original source of inspiration, including video clips of my roaming through the vines, charcoal sketches, and notes on my creative inspirations. My creative process is revealed over time, in a way that patrons can experience real time, revisit, and share with their friends. This is an extraordinarily unique and personal approach to making art.  It’s unlike walking into a static art gallery and selecting a finished piece off of the wall; where you’ll probably never have an opportunity to meet and get to know the artist.  And where you’ll certainly never have the chance to walk through and experience the landscape that your painting is inspired by, and with the people who shaped it.  And  you’ll never have such insight into the creative process.  That's the difference between the traditional approach to collecting art and “An Everlasting Experience of Art."
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