Think that there’s no budget for fine art? Think Again!

[caption id="attachment_524" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption=""Twelve Pears" Ann Rea, oil on canvas, 36" x 30""]112pears[/caption] Recently I met a young couple at a wine tasting event where I was a featured guest.  They were very drawn to my work and so we began to chat.  I came to find out that they had just purchased a day spa in Marin and that they where looking for an interior designer to help them with their remodel. She explained that the spa really needed to be transformed into a beautiful and serene environment in order to function but they didn’t have unlimited funds.  So they were looking for an experience interior designer who could work within a budget.  It just so happened that a friend of mine, Rebecca, was standing beside me. Rebecca is an interior designer with over 25 years experience. How fortuitous? Rebecca just began the renovation plans for the day spa.  So naturally I asked what the plans were for fine art.  Rebecca replied that they had very little budget and none for art.  What?! What is going to most immediately help create the “beautiful and serene environment” that this client is looking for?  Is it the cabinets?  The floor finish?  Or the art?  Needless to say we are now developing an art proposal that fits within the overall budget by mixing a custom large-scale Exclusive Edition feature fine art print with small custom original charcoal sketches. Even if there is a very limited budget, you know that we all find something to put on our walls.  And if the interior designer is not involved in the art selection it’s most likely not going to be in line with the overall design concept. And that results in a simple design misstep or a tragic design flaw. Art is not an afterthought. It is most often the focal point of a room and it has more value and impact visually, and emotionally, than any other piece of furnishing, fixture, or finish, and unlike the other design aspects it can increase in value. Art and accessories should comprise approximately 30% of the overall design budget. Why leave it to chance? As my design motto states “start with the art.”
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