Need an Excuse to Throw a Social Party, a Business Mixer? Host an Art Reception or an Art Unveiling Party

[caption id="attachment_302" align="alignleft" width="287" caption="Artist Ann Rea"]Artist Ann Rea[/caption] I received several inquiries about the “unveiling parties” on my website.  What’s an “unveiling party?" It sounds a little naughty.  It’s really just a big fat excuse to throw a party, gather friends and colleagues, and to make a toast, or two. When art patrons commission me to create an original work of art exclusively for them, they eagerly anticipate its completion.  So when their painting is completed and installed its cause for celebration.  And a toast, of course! Most often my patrons will throw an art “unveiling party”, where they gather and host their friends and colleagues and me.  We celebrate and toast to the unveiling of the painting that was created exclusively for them and to its inspiration. Can we host an “unveiling party” if our painting is a custom commissioned piece?  Certainly!  We don’t need an excuse to celebrate. One of my patrons is the chief council at his law firm and they host monthly mixers.  He asked if he could host an art reception for me at their monthly mixer.  My patron said that he wanted to enliven his meetings with a display of my brilliant oil paintings and to inspire the environment.  And he was quite sure that several of his colleagues would also appreciate my work and become collectors. So certainly, when my calendar permits, I welcome these invitations. The next question, is there a cost?  The answer, only applicable travel expenses for distant destinations. If you’re interested in in gathering a few friends or colleagues together and hosting an art reception please call 415-387-2224.
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