The Continuum Story Continues

[caption id="attachment_302" align="alignleft" width="287" caption="Artist Ann Rea"]Artist Ann Rea[/caption] A current large-scale private commission of the Mondavi Continuum vineyard is entering my next creative phase.  Over twenty field studies sit drying on the racks in my private San Francisco beach studio in The Presidio of San Francisco, an hour and a half away from their original inspiration. Occasionally I do a wet test by gently touching the thickest paint on the most recently painted study.  If oil paint comes off on my finger then I know this painting is not ready to move.  It won’t actually be completely dry for about a year but I can transport them about 30 days after I paint them.  My fine art photographer just cringes when I deliver wet paintings to him so I’ll have to wait. But like always, I’m in a hurry to get to the next phase. These field studies, measuring 16”x20”, will be photographed and then made available for sale on  I’ll offer my patron who commissioned the series the first opportunity to acquire these works, along with preliminary charcoal sketches that where created to compose the field studies. Then this newest series will be announced to all of my collectors. Once these works have been photographed, I can edit and examine them from a different perspective and better select the field study that will serve as the basis for the larger and final 30”x 40” canvas.  This large canvas allows me to further evolve and explore the image I created in the vineyard, refining the color, composition, and proportions.
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