Do I paint large-scale canvases?

[caption id="attachment_317" align="alignnone" width="300" caption=""Offering Bowls", oil on canvas, 48" x 60" "]oil on canvas, 48" x 60"[/caption] Many people ask if I paint large-scale canvases.  Absolutely!  The largest commission request I’ve received came from an interior designer.  After understanding her design direction I created “Offering Bowls”.  This oil on canvas measures 4’x5’.  It’s a simple yet bold meditative image, a study of white on white.  It was perfect for a soothing master bedroom suit in a contemporary San Francisco loft owned by the CEO of DRP Construction. Larger-scale canvases are generally commissioned.  So most of what you see on my website are field studies.  These measure 16”x20” to 5”x7” and they are actually painted in “the field” or rather the vineyard. By painting on-site I gain inspiration from the unique essence of a fleeting place and time in the vineyard.  As the sun crosses the sky the shadows move and the shapes shift and the colors change.  I can capture this on smaller canvases but with larger canvases the timing is problematic. My field studies inform my artistic direction for my larger canvases.  I’ll create as many as twenty field studies for a large-scale commission like the one I’m working on now of Tim Mondavi’s Continuum Estate Vineyard.  Some of these field studies will be edited, or destroyed, and one will be the basis for the composition of the larger canvas.  But each of the field studies I paint will give me some inspiration, some information for the larger finished piece. I paint my larger scale canvases in the comfort of my Pacific beach studio.  I can take my “research” and take my time indoors. If you’re a collector interested in original works, I invite you to schedule a private studio appointment.
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