How do my Wine Country Traveling Patrons find Me?

How do my Wine Country Traveling Patrons find Me?I have a growing list of private and celebrity collectors across Northern America and Europe and my work is gaining increasingly collectible status.  It's commended by Wayne Thiebaud (an American Art icon) and I'm fortunate to continue to receive features by the national media. But because I deliberately don’t follow the traditional route and work with galleries people often people will ask how my patrons find me. Many of my collectors are visitors to San Francisco and the Wine Country.  They either find me on the Internet or through my exposure in the press. I was at a party the other week hosted by one of my newer patrons in his beautifully refurbished barn amongst his Napa vines.   How did he find me?  He read about me in Fortune magazine in May of 2007, and he saved the article.  At that party I met several of his neighbors.  Referrals are the biggest source of my business and hopefully these introductions will lead to more collectors like him. However, occasionally someone FINDS me on the Internet.  Often they have been looking, often searching, for original art inspired by the Wine Country.  And what I frequently hear from these collectors is that they have found several “decorator” pieces but that these pieces do not have the same depth or quality they have been searching for. They are formulaic, very literal, and most importantly they don’t evoke and emotional response.  It’s much like searching for a fine wine. By appointment, traveling collectors of original works visit my private live/work studio in The Presidio on their way to and from Wine Country. A couple of avid art and wine collectors recently visiting from Naples, Florida commissioned me to create an original oil on large canvas of Tim Mondavi's Continuum Estate vineyards so that they can "bring home a piece of the Wine Country". They are remotely sharing in the evolution of the series via my blog posts.
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