Creating an Experience of Art

bob2 A few years ago I sat across from Bob Proctor, a personal development guru and host of the movie The Secret, the Law of Attraction. As we sat enjoying dinner in his home with his family he suddenly changed the course of conversation and remarked, “Ann, you don’t want to sell paintings.” “Bob, what are you talking about?  Of course I do.” I was flown to Toronto to paint Bob’s garden for his surprise 70th birthday present. His lovely wife Linda picked me up from the airport.  He was being fed hints about his surprise, so when we arrived Bob was sitting in his home office and he was actually watching me on the Fine Living Channel via You Tube. I walked into his office and introduced myself by saying, “Happy Birthday Bob, my name is Ann Rea and I am here to paint your garden for your birthday!” He was startled and delighted.  “You are my surprise?” “Kind of!  Let’s go outside and look at your beautiful garden. As we walked around and noticed the flowers and the trees as he shared his stories of this place so dear to him. During the days that I was there sketching and painting outside, Bob was coaching Ellen DeGeneres and her production team to beat Oprah’s ratings.  Which she did. So I listened to Bob when he answered my question at dinner, “No, you don’t want to sell paintings.  You want to offer the experience that you gave me. Do you know what it has been like to break bread with you, get to know you, have you get to know me and my family, stroll through my garden with you, see your charcoal sketches on my kitchen table, peek through the window and watch you paint?” “Of all of the art I own, what do you think I will speak of the most?  What art do you think will hold the most meaning, the most heart felt memory? It is this experience that you want to offer." Since Ellen was consulting with him, I obviously listened and eventually created an Experience of Art. Now I’m proud to announce that I will be working with Peek, a new online travel discovery and booking platform that is dedicated to connecting their guests with a select group of businesses that provide unique and special experiences.
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