To Kalon Vinyard- Another Series Another Season

ToKalon Last Wednesday I toured Robert Mondavi Winery’s famed To Kalon Vineyard with Winemaker Gustavo Gonzalez and Addison Kavish, a young emerging filmmaker. Addison was there to capture part of the Experience of Art in film. Gustavo has been a Winemaker for Robert Mondavi for over sixteen years and I wanted his particular experienced perspective before I began this August series. I like to tour the vineyard with those who work the land.  They're connected to it. As we toured the vineyard we came to an unruly block of cabernet vines that Jani DiCarlo of the To Kalon Circle told me would come along in August. My commission calendar allowed for me to create this series during the latter half of this month, August.  So the timing was perfect. August is when Jani mentioned that the unruly jungle like cabernet vines would be reaching high into the sky. I had a moment of serendipity when I discovered that this block of vines that I was most drawn to stands in front of the Yountville Carmelite Monastery hermitage. I stayed in the Carmelite hermitage when I painted a series of Tim Mondavi’s Continuum Estate Vineyards for patrons Tom and Sandi Moran of Naples, Florida. Tim Mondavi’s vines overlook the spot where we were standing on valley floor from the noted Pritchard Hill. He pointed out the Carmelite Monastery when I toured his vineyard last year. This afternoon I’ll return to To Kalon to begin a series of studies in oil during the Golden Hour.  The time before sunset when the light is the most saturated and the shadows reach their final length.
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