Montage Deer Valley Painting Series Preview

[caption id="attachment_1378" align="alignnone" width="300" caption=""Aspens Parting" Ann Rea ©, oil on canvas, Deer Valley Montage"]"Aspens Parting" Ann Rea, oil on canvas, Deer Valley Montage[/caption] The Montage Deer Valley painting series of studies in oils are now available at My first series of snowy landscapes presented an interesting challenge as I searched for expressions of color under the predominant subtlety of white snow. As I snowshoed my way up and down the high elevation of  Deer Valley I searched for different facets of this stunning landscape.  As I reflect upon my trek I’m reminded to pay close attention to my quiet creative voice. Because when I do I recognize certain moments that will later will inspire good paintings. Its time now for the next phase of my creative process. Philip Gorrivan, an extraordinarily talented interior designer based in New York City, will be creating a Montage Deer Valley Residence model home where my large-scale oil painting will be featured. I’ll choose two or three of the best of the Montage Deer Valley series of oil studies and let him, and the Montage Residences executives, choose one study to serve as the basis for my large scale interpretation in oils. Is this the way most artists do it?  Not really.  But I like to offer my patrons and my creative collaborators a choice and provide them with a reasonable expectation of the painting that they’ll be receiving. Although patrons commission me to express my creative vision, I do like to provide a way for my patrons to express their preferences that will not interfere with the creative process. What will happen to the other Montage Deer Valley series of studies?  These will be available to collectors on and they may serve as the basis for other custom large-scale interpretations.  And most of my patrons like to commission a large-scale custom canvas and acquire the original study that inspired it. I’m really looking forward to diving into the big canvas next.  It’s an excuse to buy a new brush or two and few new tubes of color.
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