Holding a Wish

photo-128 I was clearing out my studio this morning when I came across some white Japanese bowls that I had I fashioned years ago with a friend who is a ceramicist.  But that I never got around to glazing them as I had planned. Lying on top of a bowl were several fortune cookie messages that I had saved. “Your life will be happy and peaceful.” “You will be unusually successful in business.” “It is better to get something done late than never.” “Your talents will be recognized and suitably rewarded.” “The star or riches is shining upon you.” Now as I read each message I pause and reflect upon my yearning to be a thriving full time artist. I’m reminded of the visit I took in my early twenties to a well-respected psychic In Ohio who actually helps homicide detectives resolve unsolved murders. When I first sat across from her all she knew of me was my name and my birth information. She began my reading with, “There are red sparks flying off of your finger tips.  You must be an artist.” She went on.  "You’ll be moving to California in the Fall. And you hold your wish.” The last statement may seem vague. But it was a very real and accurate statement about my inner world. I do hold my wish and I've held it for many years, twenty in fact. The fortune cookie messages I found today were a poignant reminder of my wish that has come true and that is still unfolding in this moment. May you “hold your wish” and may it unfold for you in this happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.
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