This Canvas or That Canvas

compare2 The great thing about being a painter in this century is that I get to use technology to assist my creativity and range of expression; technology to communicate to you right now, to reach collectors through, and even to show my patrons different canvas size options on their walls.  This relatively accurate digital representation above is something that we could only imagine before. After putting up their Christmas decorations at their beach home in Bodega Bay, my patrons snapped a quick photo of the wall where they will hang the canvas they commissioned of their favorite vineyards.  They emailed it to me over the weekend.  Then I overlaid their favorite of the eighteen field studies I painted in and of Benovia’s vineyards, called “Swept Vines”. The large-scale finished canvas size that they selected originally, first example, was not the same ratio as the field study “Swept Vines”, so the image had to be cropped horizontally.  Sometimes cropping an image works, sometimes not.  In the second example I’m able to maintain the same ratio as “Swept Vines” and you can see that the second canvas size offers more visual impact on this particular wall. When I was in art school I drew 3-point perspective interior renderings for architects to help pay my tuition so I’m not only thinking about the paintings I create but also how the paintings will function within my collector’s environments. I also want my patrons to have as much information and confidence about their selections as possible. Because when they’re happy, I’m happy.
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