Hopeful Expression

BenoviaStudies The oil studies of Benovia’s vineyards are finally complete.  I’ve touched up some of them.  And with great satisfaction, I’ve tossed some.  Each painting study starts out as a hopeful expression but later it must undergo a critical examination. I’ve explored different compositions, slightly different color palettes, and brushwork in this series.  These differences may not be immediately apparent to the viewer but they’re there. And these differences, these subtle challenges, are what drive my creative curiosity. The oil studies sit upright drying on their racks, like business files waiting to be worked.  Although I’m anxious to get them to my fine art photographer he will scold me if I bring him any more wet paintings.  So I must wait, patiently. But I can’t wait to see this series of oil studies photographed.  Somehow when I see them photographed I see them differently.  A simpler more distilled view.  I suppose it’s the same when you see a photograph of a person versus seeing them in person.  You’re left with a very different impression. When I see the photographs of a series of oil studies they are reduced, simplified. I know immediately which one will work best as an interpretation on a larger scale.  And I'll have an urge to investigate a certain study further.  I have a sense now, which one, maybe two, will work best but I can’t wait to see what the photography confirms.  And then to get them up on annrea.com for my patrons to preview.
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