The Journey of Benovia Winery’s Vineyards Begins

[caption id="attachment_967" align="alignleft" width="500" caption=""Joined by the Vines" Ann Rea"]"Joined by the Vines" Ann Rea[/caption] I’m always curious about collectors who've purchase my original oil paintings online at  I feel like they're getting a very personal piece of me yet I often never even have an opportunity to meet them or even speak with them.  That's because I have a growing list of collectors across North America and Europe via  But when I do have an opportunity to meet my collectors, we often become friends.  And I think it's because we already share a personal connection through my art. To my delight I received a message from one such collector interested in commissioning an original oil painting for her husband's Christmas present.  Although she had already acquired two original oil paintings, "Joined by the Vines" is one, at we have never spoken. Collectors will often commission an original oil painting to celebrate or mark a milestone in their, or a loved one's, life, such as a birthday, an anniversary, a new home or remodel, or the discovery of their new favorite wine. Original art is the perfect way to express appreciation and capture life's important yet fleeting memories. Now this collector thought that she would just be commissioning a painting.  No, I said, “You’ll actually be having a completely unique experience of art and wine.  I can assure you.  I'm not just going to create a large scale original oil painting for you, I'm going to create a unique and meaningful memory.  And you're part of my creative process.” The first chapter of our journey begins next week, in the vineyards belonging to Benovia Winery. Here we'll all meet for the first time and we'll experience the landscape together, my collector and her husband, their young daughter, and the general manager of Benovia. My collector and her husband have a connection to Benovia. They both love their wine and they know the owners.  What a wonderful place to start a Christmas gift, a place where this couple shares a pleasure and passion for wine. We’ll be meeting in the afternoon.  Two reasons, I quipped, “I’m just not a morning person and that’s when the shadows are longer and the colors are richer and more saturated.  You'll see."
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