The Art of Conversation

n115618647515_2729Just like talking about wine, talking about art brings about a deeper appreciation, a broader perspective, and it offers a new way of seeing and feeling.  Feeling.  That’s the key word.  The enjoyment of talking about art and wine is that when we’re in passionate conversation about something we're really enjoying, that we want to learn more about, it's so much more meaningful than swapping small talk or facts of the day. However, art and wine can be intimidating subjects for, I’ll admit, even me.  So it helps if you have an informed guide that you can trust and feel safe to share your observations openly and answer questions all with feeling free from being right or wrong. It’s conversations that I shared with a good friend, and another creative, that led us to launching “Colors of Terroir, an Innovative Experience of Art and Wine.” Christopher Sawyer is a Sommelier, wine critic, and journalist whose articles have been featured in a wide array of national media, including USAToday, MSN, NBC, ABC, CNN, Redbook, Maxim, National Geographic Traveler and Esquire.  And my friend Christopher Sawyer has been a personal Sommelier for an array of luminaries and aficionados, from the Getty Family to the Gorbachevs. Christopher’s nickname is "Sommelier to the Stars" because he is known for his movie and wine pairings.  And before writing about wine, he wrote about music, and hosted a radio show. One day, I don't remember when, as we sat sipping another vintage he was introducing me to, and I can’t remember who suggested it first, but we decided, “let’s pair wine with paintings!" Let's design a way to engage people in a new conversation about art and wine." My paintings, of course.  It makes complete sense.  I paint them in the vineyards.  The winemakers tell me the stories of terroir.  And that's where conversations about wine most often start. Now I'm proud to announce that we are slowly and selectively marketing this art and wine pairing experience to luxury establishments and private clients.  And so far the response has been fantastic.  Click here to learn more.
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