Why does anybody need art?

question-markThis is the question that I pondered this morning and here’s a list of reasons why I think that we need art. And I invite you to share why you need art.
  • Let’s start at the beginning, the cave painting in Lascaux, France and Venus of Willendorf demonstrate that art is a primal calling.
  • Through art we convey our deepest feelings and beliefs.
  • Art illustrates or reflects our moral, ethical, and political and cultural sentiments.
  • Art encourages us to ask questions, to take a moment and simply reflect. It's no wonder that the church is one of the, if not the biggest, art patron.
  • Art stimulates the expression and exchange of thoughts, ideas, and feelings among strangers.
  • During war and revolution, who are the first to go?  Who’s the biggest threat?  Yes. Artists are offed because of their power to communicate.  There's been one horrifying cultural revolution after the other.
  • Children are fascinated with art and all consider themselves artists, until their schooling pounds out their confidence and self-expression.  Do you remember when you thought you were an artist?
  • Art transforms the energy of a space, the mood of a room shifts.
  • Art acts as a symbol and becomes the focal point of an environment.
  • Original works of art reflect the personality and values of the patrons who own it.
  • Art increases the value of real estate.  The best place to speculate on real estate is where artists are colonizing.  Mendocino, Carmel, and Provincetown were all formally artists colonies.
  • Whether people are fully conscious of it or not they decide to spend time and money based on the art they encounter.  Hotels, restaurants, and meeting places are made that much more interesting and attractive based on the display of art.
  • Many acquire art when they travel as a way to reflect on their memories.
  • Art is environmentally friendly.  Art is  sustainable.
  • Neighborhoods are revitalized through art and property values increase, businesses invest.
  • Last but not least, art inspires.  And who doesn’t need that?
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