What is my creative process?

diff6aWhen I get this question it feels like I’m being asked, “Ann, how do you walk or how do you breathe?”  I really don’t think about it.  It just comes naturally.  My creativity is shaped by my own particular curiosities and values.  But I can appreciate that people are curious about this. Clearly my subject is color.  What is color?  It’s light vibrating on different frequencies.  Each substance vibrates differently and light bounces around and reflects within an environment, particularly moister or particles in the air.  Natural light is most inspiring and challenging, so this is my primary focus. I focus on color inspired by natural light, as it exists in time.  I want to open up and explore simple beauty and interest contained in a moment in nature. All types of light, even city light at night, fascinate me.  In fact, I’m currently developing a new series of pastels on black paper of San Francisco at night.  Check back later to view and collect these original works on paper inspired by my adopted city at night. Vineyards, Wine Country, those are ideas, that’s not what I’m looking at.  But let’s go back to the idea of “existing in time”.  A painting gives off an illusion of a moment in time.  If you’re fully engaged in the moment it’s the life optimal experience.  The more time spent in the moment, the more peaceful and joyful our life.  The Buddha taught us this, and I learned this eventually from practical life experience.  It’s a way out of suffering from worry about the future or regret of the past.  A deep desire to be present, this is why I decided to paint again after over a seven-year absence from the easel.  It's remembering to be present that's the trick.  Painting forces me to remember.
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