Carried Away at Continuum

Carried Away at Continumm This past week I stayed in the simple, almost stark, hermitage of the Carmelite Monastery in Oakville, California. It’s just up the road from the Oakville Grocery and across the street from Nichol and Nichol’s vineyards. I’m developing a series of field studies at Tim Mondavi’s Continuum Estate Vineyards.  One of these studies will inspire the large canvas commissioned by my patrons in Naples, Florida. While I was there, I completed five field studies measuring 16” x 20”.  I’ll return in November to do more studies because it has to be right.  I have to know that I’ve nailed it. So I spent a solitary week away from my studio but it was a welcome rest from my computer, email, my phone.  Instead of staring at back lit screens my eyes rested on colorful vistas shaped by natural light. By immersing myself in my work with no distractions I can do my best painting.  I can dig down deep and I can think and feel my way through my creative enterprise.  This is what I long to do.  Make no mistake; much of my time is spent as an entrepreneur who runs a business.  But I’m growing this business so that I can enjoy creative freedom and develop my artistic voice and hopefully share my inspiration with a greater audience.
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