Interior Designers as a Conduit to Art

[caption id="attachment_226" align="alignnone" width="400" caption=""Offering Bowls" Ann Rea, oil on canvas-private commission for residence of Douglas Wood, CEO or DPR Construction"]private commission for residence of Douglas Wood, CEO or DPR Construction[/caption] Interior Designers as a Conduit to Art Art and accessories should comprise approximately 30% of the overall design budget. It's a bit like when you are pulling together the pieces for a fabulous outfit, you don't want to  finish it off with cheep shoes. Last Friday I received a phone call from an interior designer.  She asked if she could arrange for a studio visit because she was very interested in my program exclusively for the design trade. She said that her client was desperate for art for his new residence, which she had designed, and that he really wanted to have it in place for an important party that he was hosting.  She said that she really wasn’t all that confident in having a conversation with her clients about art. I hear this a lot from interior designers. The fact is that designers have a trained eye, so even if they don’t posses an art history degree they know their client, their personality and the function and feeling of the space they are designing.  They are in the best position to recommend art, to act as a conduit and provide their client with art resources. With digital overlays on their design concept elevations or on photographs of built environments they can show their client what a huge difference the original art will make. This designer agreed that art is not an afterthought. It is most often the focal point of a room and it has more value and impact visually, and emotionally, than any other piece of furnishing, fixture, or finish, and it increases in value.  And by starting with the art, the environment is infused with their clients emotional energy and it provides a starting point for the design concept. This designer has signed up for my exclusive design trade program and agrees that she will start with the art.
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