What and Where to Place the Paintings?

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What and Where to Place the Paintings?

One of my newest patrons came to me by referral from her interior designer. They worked together over two years ago on the exterior her family’s second home, atop a Healdsburg ranch. My patron designed her interiors herself but her designer felt strongly that she really needed some original art to breathe inspiration, color, and more warmth into the space. Art was not part of the original budget and there was no clear design concept to work within so we are working a bit backwards. And my patron was not at all sure of what she wanted and where she was going to place art. But this is not a problem. My formal training is in architectural design so I understand the language of design and I am used to scaling within interior spaces.

I toured the house with my patron, photographing and measuring each wall that presented an opportunity to showcase art. I listened carefully to my patron about how she uses her space and where her family spends most of their time. With elevation, digital photographs and wall measurements in hand I crafted a proposal.

The art proposal outlined several options to help her determine her preferences and budget. I listed each placement, type, and size range that would work proportionally so that she could choose from one or more of these placements. I also delineated to what extent we could scale each selection up or down to fit her preference and budget. The possibilities are infinite and the great thing about art is that you can move it around.

I was inspired by the Russian River running along the edge of her property. So to further help her visualize, I took one of my existing paintings of a river to provide her with a before and after illustration. With this example she could get a sense of the impact of my art in her home.  The illustration provides an approximation of a 36 x 48 canvas.

Even though she was unsure of her art budget and placement she knew that she wanted to bring the inspiration of original work into her home and this process has helped her make a decision.

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