Speaking Engagements

Coloring Outside the Lines

Learn how asking "why?" empowered an unknown artist to generate over six figures in sales in her first year in business, gain national press recognition, and how she is helping other creatives redefine the way they sell their art.

Learn how asking "why?" helped Ann Rea reshape the auto industry by removing haggling from the purchase of a General Motors Saturn car.

Learn how asking "why?" helped Ann Rea overcome debilitating anxiety and depression deemed irreversible by the medical establishment.

Why ask why? 

When we examine all of our expectations, rules, and assumptions we can decide which rules are working for us and which ones we need to toss.

Then we can begin to innovate by asking "why not?"

Why are you playing by the rules? 

Why are you competing? 

How can you innovate by asking "why?"

"Thank you for a delightful, creative, and productive experience. Not only did you share your inspirational story and work, you fed our souls. You led us into a conversation that allowed everyone to pitch in and help each other! It was wonderful, like you! Thank you."  

-Debra Crosby, president of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)  

"Ann Rea went around the system and created her own path to become a successful painter, entrepreneur, and now mentor to other artists trying to do the same."  

-Jonathan Fields, author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur