Experience Art





How will you celebrate your wedding anniversary, magically?  

How can you mark a big birthday, unforgettably? 

How can you thank your best client, remarkably?  

An Experience of Art

An Everlasting Celebration

  • An Experience of Art is an everlasting and meaningful gift; one that you know that the recipient has yet to receive. 
  • This extraordinary gift celebrates shared treasured moments, artfully.  

Savor the Colors of the Moment

  • Imagine choosing your favorite landscape, the place holding your heart's most meaningful memories. 
  • Then visiting that special place with nationally-noted artist Ann Rea.

 Join the Creative Journey

  • Later the artist returns to explore the colors of the vista by painting several studies in oils on canvas.  
  • Week by week witness and share in the inspiration and creative process by way of a dedicated online diary at annrea.com. 

 Bespoke Trophy Paintings

  • You can preview the painting studies at annrea.com. 
  • Then you may choose one or more of the studies for Ann Rea to reinterpret on larger custom canvases sized to suit your space.  

Your Storybook of an Experience of Art

  • You will receive a beautifully appointed, signed, hard bound linen, Artist's Diary chronicling and celebrating your artful experience.  
  • Artist's Diary in hand, you can retrace Ann Rea's steps to each spot where she painted and experience each view through an artist's eyes.  

Let's Toast!

Gather a circle of friends and family for an inspired celebration. Host an unveiling where your painting will be revealed.  

Book an Experience of Art today. Phone 415-387-2224 and leave a message or inquire and subscribe below.

"Being able to stand in the same spot that Ann did gives me a real sense of what inspired her."

-Bill Metzger (collector)

"We have learned to enjoy a deeper appreciation for life through Ann’s art."

- Nancy Reagan-Armentrout (collector)

"Ann Rea is intelligent and sensitive with a deep capacity for serious and sustained work."

- Wayne Thiebaud (American art icon)