The Color of Water-New Russian River Art Series

[caption id="attachment_1722" align="alignnone" width="300" caption=""Still Water" Ann Rea, under painting, 36" x 48""]"Still Water" Ann Rea, underpainting, 36" x 48"[/caption] What is the color of water?  It’s the color created from reflections. The color of water is the light of the sky reflecting down, the light from the bottom of the river reflecting up, and all of the light bouncing within the surrounding environment. Our mood shifts near bodies of water. The color of water is a multifaceted reflection drawing people to stop for a moment and calmly contemplate. City planners have always known this about water. This is why they include water elements and fountains throughout urban environments. City dwellers naturally gather around them and are stilled for a moment. This newest series of the Russian River is an Experience of Art for a patron who owns a beautiful ranch in Healdsburg, California. I could have chosen any number of vistas throughout this hilly ranch but it is the shore of the Russian River that holds her countless memories of family and friends. Just standing in a place can bring us back to the energy of another chapter in our lives and the feelings contained within. This patron chose “Still Water” a 16” x 20” study in oils as the basis for her 36” x 48” custom sized painting, currently drying behind me on my easel. Ironically it was the very first study I painted within this collection. I created it while she was wading along the water.  I would not let her watch me paint, that would have be too nerve racking. It is the entire creative process that an Experience of Art requires.  I am committed to a full creative investigation so that I know I’m offering enough choices to provide very best options to my patrons.  Because ultimately my painting is not for me it is for my collectors.
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