Parting with a Painting

Niel Parting with a painting can be bitter sweet. But if I became too attached to my work it would be a torture. So what I am attached to is my creative process, my artistic evolution.  One painting informs the next. I am actually anxious to place this painting in my patron’s hands.  Mr. Neil has been patiently awaiting the final painting that I created from the series of their stunning Marin landscape overlooking the San Francisco Bay and the distant city. The next step in the Neil's Experience of Art will be to have their painting photographed and then to have a custom frame made that will suit the Neil’s décor. I always offer to help with the framing because I have reliable resources and I know what frame will work best. Generally I recommend very simple gallery frames so that the viewer is not focused on the frame but they are focused on the painting. I’ve seen too many frames distract rather than compliment the art they hold. After all of the investment of time and money, this decision should not be left to chance. And who is in a better decision to make the call about the presentation of the painting than the artist who created the painting? Once the piece is framed it will be unveiled.  Mr. and Mrs. Neil will see the final piece for the first time and we can toast to their new acquisition and to their patronage. Last, but not least, the Neil's will receive a signed coffee table book with their Experience of Art that chronicles the entire creative process of painting their Marin landscape. And this will close the chapter on this series.
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