Deb Connor joins the Ann Rea, Inc. Advisory Board

[caption id="attachment_751" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="San Francisco based Artist & CEO"]San Francisco based Artist & CEO[/caption] “When bankers get together for dinner they talk about art.  When artists get together for dinner they talk about money.” Oscar Wilde This is the truth indeed.  And this is exactly what my company’s advisory board does four times a year. The ultimate goal is to create financial freedom.  Why? To yield the necessary ingredient for ultimate creative freedom: time. I surround myself with those who know more than I do.  Although I’m always recruiting, I’m not accepting all applicants. I have an impressive group of folks I am grateful to call my friends and whose experience and expertise I respect. I may not accept every word of advice they offer, but I do listen keenly if they are all telling me the same thing. Their support and feedback is encouraging and enlightening.  They offer me perspective that I simply cannot posses by working in complete isolation. My Advisory Board members have each generously volunteered their time and efforts in exchange for, you guessed it, dinner and wine. As you might imagine, the business of art is very tough.  Therefore, my ambition to take a non-traditional approach to my art business is very resolute. I am proud to announce that Deb Connor of the Deb Connor Group, a Public Relations and Communications firm, has joined the Ann Rea, Inc. Advisory Board. Deb is dear friend and she brings years of expertise and success forming strategic partnerships and securing corporate sponsorships with luxury brands. She is also a creative problem solver by nature and the ultimate connector creating strategic advantages for all who she involves. Deb has already started the ball rolling. So stay tuned for new and exciting ways that I’ll be bringing people an Experience of Art and Art & Wine Pairings.
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