Golden Gate Bridge - The Anchor of my Heart and Home

glod In December 2005 I realized that I had nothing left to lose, so I finally decided. I decided to  follow my dream of making and selling my art full time and I moved to my long held artistic inspiration, San Francisco. I made a home in The Presidio of San Francisco directly across from the Pacific, less than one mile from the Golden Gate Bridge. Over a decade before I walked across the bridge as a tourist. I still remember looking out over the San Francisco Bay at the beautiful hilly cityscape in the distance. I just knew, it felt like home. When I finally moved here I wanted to celebrate that moment of knowing on the Golden Gate Bridge, that feeling, and my determination. I celebrated my new life direction by creating my first artistic series of pastels of the Golden Gate Bridge. And the series sold out quickly. This year I  created a new series of original pastels and Exclusive Edition prints to celebrate the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th anniversary from 1937-2012. The official day of the 75th anniversary is May 28, the Sunday of this coming Memorial Day weekend. Like a moth to a flame, I'm drawn to the orange vermilion of the iconic Golden Gate which glows deepest at night. The Architect Irving Morrow selected a distinctive "International Orange" over carbon black or steel gray because it is a warm color, consistent with the adjacent warm colored landscape. "International Orange" is also the easiest color for passing ships to spot as it is the opposite on the color wheel of the surrounding blue colors of the ocean and sky. This recent series provides a creative challenge.  It demands an exploration of the depth of color bleeding through the dark of night. This new series of original pastels and Exclusive Edition prints celebrates the anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge and this series honors the anchor of my heart and my home, San Francisco.
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